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Ally Parenting Mastery Membership

Why The Ally Parenting Mastery membership group is PERFECT for you 
You want to feel like your kids’ ally rather than their adversary. You know change is needed, but you’re stuck without guidance and support from a parenting expert.

 You may have read my book, Ally Parenting, but on your own, you’re having a hard time making the changes you desire to become a confident parent.

 You have children ages 5 to 17 and you want a community of parents to support you during these unprecedented times.  NEW and EFFECTIVE parenting skills are needed so you can create much needed harmony in your home.  

Become A Founding Member

You Will Get

4 - one-hour group parenting lessons and group coaching every month. THAT’S EVERY WEEK you will gain knowledge and get answers to your questions via a live Zoom call with me. 

Seeing your face through video and hearing your amazing voice through interactive dialogue, will make this group engaging and truly beneficial for you. Your participation creates energy and inspiration for others. 

Recorded weekly sessions so you can attend when it fits your schedule. No pressure, just quality parenting advice based on my book,
Ally Parenting: A Non-Adversarial Approach to Transform
Conflict Into Cooperation

A private Facebook group where videos of weekly sessions will be posted, and additional questions will be answered. IF YOU MISS A SESSION, WATCH THE RECORDED VIDEO.

Activities and challenges to guide you on your journey to transform family conflict into family cooperation. 
Support and encouragement from parents with similar challenges. You will learn from the advice I give other parents as well as partner coaching.

 Discounts on private coaching, a full parenting assessment, and any other products I create. 

 We will have a quarterly week break and holiday breaks 

Find your Safe Place
Weekly sessions are happening now!
1 pm PDT / 4 pm EDT

It’s hard to reach out for individual help. This group is a SAFE PLACE where you will feel accepted for all your thoughts and actions no matter how embarrassed you feel about them. 

 It’s a wonderfully SECURE PLACE where I will embrace you, appreciate your challenges, and give you my heart and all my wisdom from 26 years of guiding parents from conflict to cooperation.

 You can join this membership at any time!

 You are receiving this AMAZING OPPORTUNITY to register for this group because I want YOU to be a


 You have two payment options:

Lifetime Membership 
(One Payment Only)
of  ONLY $397 

Monthly Membership 
(at the Founders rate which will end soon!) 
$47 a month!

Don't Delay,  Become a FOUNDING MEMBER NOW!
I’m so EXCITED to share my wisdom with you!

One Time Payment


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